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CDT student to attend Organic Chemistry Symposium

CDT Molecular-Scale Engineering student Dan Jenkinson will be attending the "SCI Northern Postgraduate Symposium on Novel Organic Chemistry” on 7th April 2014. The event is organised by the SCI Fine Chemicals Group and is hosted at the University of Sheffield.

Dan, who is a first year student in the CDT said "Organic chemistry is just something I’ve always been particularly interested in, that’s the only reason I’m going. It also conveniently happens to be in Sheffield and I will be in the department anyway. Unfortunately only final year PhD students can present posters or do a talk, so I will not be doing one myself.

The event is mainly a chance for students in organic chemistry who are coming to the end of their PhDs to present their findings in more of a public forum. I feel it might me more useful for me to attend an event like this (rather than, e.g., Sheffield Stereochemistry Symposium) because the chemistry may be more accessible and inspiring for people who don’t work in enormous groups with unlimited funding.

I am still in my first year so have not chosen a final project yet, but two of my rotations involve a lot of organic synthesis, so I feel going to this symposium would help me decide if I would like to choose one of those rotations, and help me look at synthetic problems from a different angle."

Dan will also be going to several other seminars over the coming weeks, including:

Liquid phase synthesis of inorganic nanoparticles controlled in size and shape and application to organic-inorganic hybrid liquid-crystalline materials by Prof Kiyoshi Kanie, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan.

Life Saving Chemistry – From Medicine to Nanomedicine'
by Professor David Smith, University of York.