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25th Annual RNA Polymerase workshop

The RNA Polymerase (RNAP) workshop provides the opportunity for scientists from all backgrounds to come together and discuss work on and based around RNA polymerase.  The conference is informal in nature and is composed of a number of talks and poster sessions.  The conference lasts two days and provides plenty of opportunity for scientists to discuss work and ideas in a more informal environment.

Oliver Chammas attended the workshop poster on his work into AFM studies of E.coli RNAP. Oliver says " As well as being able to present my work, the workshop was a fantastic opportunity to gain insight into recent work by other groups in similar fields and also give me a chance to interact and discuss ideas with a number of fellow scientists with similar interests."

Abstract:  A double stranded DNA template (1150bp) containing a single λpr promoter was end labelled using a single stranded DNA hairpin made of a homopolynucleotide of 20 bases (A,C,T or G) using a PCR method. The loops were readily identifiable in the atomic force microscope (AFM) and conveyed polarity to the DNA template. RNAP showed approximately 50% affinity for the ssDNA loop during open promoter complex formation in a non-sequence specific manner. Dissociation of the RNAP was inhibited from the template after transcription elongation through interaction with the loop. These methods enable multiple polymerase interactions on single DNA templates to be investigated by AFM.