EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training
in Molecular-Scale Engineering
a Centre for Nanotechnology
CDT student

The Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Molecular-Scale Engineering brings together internationally-leading researchers at the Universities of Leeds and Sheffield to train high calibre science and engineering graduates in the control of molecular organization and function at the nanometre scale.

The ability to control, manipulate and interrogate complex molecular environments at molecular resolution is becoming increasingly important in the development of a wide range of new technologies, including medical diagnostics, flat-screen TVs, and novel photovoltaic devices.  Nature provides us with an abundance of highly sophisticated functional structures smaller than 100 nm in size, and technologies of the future will increasingly be based around the organization and control of molecules on molecular length scales.  To realize this exciting, cross-disciplinary future we need to train a new generation of nanotechnology researchers who can think about molecules, their structures, organization, properties and function in new ways, spanning the boundaries between traditional disciplines. 

The Centre has now filled all of its places and is recruiting no further students. However, if you are interested in any of the research described here, please contact the appropriate academic partners directly, as other PhD research opportunities will be available.


The Centre is to hold a Summer School at Selwyn College, Cambridge and students will benefit from a range of talks and activities, such as punting on the River Cam and a visit to the Imperial War Museum, Duxford. Read more....

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Within the centre research is organised within the following areas:

> Nanofabrication
> Hybrid biological / synthetic structures
> Surface diffusional processes
> Interrogation of molecular structures
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